Here are some frequently asked questions about RTasks Login:


What are the login credentials for RTasks?

The login credentials are your registered email address and account password. These are set at the time of signing up for a RTasks account.

I forgot my password – how do I login to RTasks?

If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password” on the RTasks login page. You can reset your password after entering your registered email address and following the reset instructions.

Is two-factor authentication (2FA) supported for RTasks login?

Yes, RTasks allows and recommends setting up 2FA for added login security. With 2FA enabled, your account requires your password plus an authentication code from your smartphone or email to successfully sign in.

How do I retrieve my 2FA recovery codes?

Your 2FA recovery codes are provided at the time of enabling two-factor authentication under RTasks account settings. Be sure to save these one-time use codes in a secure location. They can restore account access if your 2FA device is lost or unavailable.

I entered the wrong password multiple times – is my account locked?

No, RTasks currently does not lock accounts in case of multiple failed login attempts. However, after 5 wrong password entries, you will be prompted to reset your password for security reasons.

Can I use a third-party identity provider for login?

RTasks allows signing in with Google or Office 365 accounts via OAuth. Just look for the relevant social login icons on the RTasks login page. This eliminates needing to remember separate credentials.

What details are needed to sign up for RTasks?

Signing up just needs your work email address for user ID verification and setting a password as credentials. You also fill in some basic personalization for the account during initial configuration.

Where can I get help if I face login issues?

Reach out to the helpful RTasks support via in-app chat or email at [email protected]. They provide swift troubleshooting.

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