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To complement the web dashboards, RTasks offers dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps to manage your tasks, time and teamwork conveniently on the go. This guide covers getting started with the RTasks login mobile application.


Download and Install the App

On your mobile device, search and download the “RTasks” application from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Installing it works just like any other app.

Once installed, tap to open the RTasks icon to launch the mobile app.

Choose Login Method

On the RTasks mobile app home screen, you have two options to access your account – login with existing credentials or sign up for a new account right on mobile.

If you already have an RTasks user account, tap “Login”. For new users, select “Register”.

We’ll focus on logging into an existing account in this article.

Enter Login Details

To sign in, first enter the email address you signed up with on the RTasks website. This uniquely identifies your account.

Below that, enter the account password you created. By default passwords display obscured as asterisks as you type them in.

These credentials were set either on web registration or mobile sign up earlier.

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Access Account

With the valid email and password entered, tap the blue “Log In” button.

The RTasks app will now authenticate your details and log you into your account securely.

Use your fingerprint or enable face/touch ID integration for quick, seamless access every time you launch the app.

Explore and Use Features

Once successfully logged in, your full RTasks dashboard is accessible right on mobile!

The intuitive interface makes it easy to view and manage tasks, projects, timesheets, expenses, collaborate with teammates and more – on the go.

Configure app settings like notifications and activity sync preferences based on your needs. Add the RTasks widgets to your home screen for quick insights into pending tasks and logged hours.

That’s it! The RTasks mobile apps seamlessly supplement the web portal with full account access packed in a convenient phone-sized package. Sign in instantly to stay productively on task anytime, anywhere.

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